A Visual Guide To Pandas

Jason Wirth
Pandas is the data-munging Swiss Army knife of the Python world. Often you know how your data should look but it’s not so obvious how to get there, so I’ll present a visual approach to learning the library and data manipulation.
Chicago Python User Group known as ChiPy was founded in 2003. We are an active user group organised around a single programming language: Python. With so many members, many who are notable Open Source contributors amongst our group, it’s very likely any major tool you have used has been touched by one of our members if not created by a member.

Though our main focus is the Python Programming language, our meetings are open to all of all proficiency and experience levels.


Сергей Шмаков

На этом канале я постараюсь с самых азов познакомить вас с работой с социальными сетями. SMM - это не только тексты, но еще и хорошее знание технических возможностей тех инструментов, которыми вы будете пользоваться в процессе своей работы.

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